Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Wreath

Spring time is here!  Its time for spring time crafts and wreaths are my favorite craft to make.  I love everything tulle! I love my son, but man do I wish I had a girl to put her in tulle tutus, headbands and all that good stuff, so I have to fill my need for tulle with my wreaths.

I found this tip on Pinterest, of course, and I will forever use it!

Go to a hardware store and get a 1/2" ,or any other size you would like of foam plumping tubing.  It is $2 and you can get 2 wreath forms out of it.  Much cheaper than buying a wreath form at a craft store.  Cut the tubing to the size you would like your wreath and tape it together with duct tape.

This project was less than $10, I got those big rolls of tulle at hobby lobby for 80% off after Christmas, so watch for those good sales at hobby lobby when they're trying to get rid of holiday stuff.  You can pick any colors of tulle you would like and a cute accent piece.  Fabric flowers are always cute or anything that makes it your own.

Step 1: To cut many pieces at the same time and have them be the same length.  Cut a piece of card board to the length you want your stripes, mine were 15".  Wrap the tulle around the cardboard about 30 times, put a rubber band around one end to hold it together while you cut the ends.  Cut both ends and there you have your stripes.  You might have to cut more throughout the project.  

Step 2: Start tying stripes around the wreath form, I change colors every other stripe that way the colors mesh together.  I also used a square knot, but you can use which every type of knot you like best.

Step 3: Once you have tied a few stripes onto the form push the ties together, make sure they are as close together as you can get them.  Continue doing this until they cover the whole entire wreath form.

Step 4: Once the form is completely covered comb out the wreath so it isn't so messy.  Tie ribbon to the wreath to hang it from your door and add the accent piece where you would like it.

Step 5: Hang it on your door for all to see!

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